Sermons by Pastor Joshua Ralston


Be Persistent Through Silence

Speaker: | March 06, 2023

Be Persistent through Silence Lent 2 T Matthew 15:21-28 INI             Lent is all about engaging in battle. Last week, we heard about Jesus and Satan engaging in battle. Of course, Jesus came away victorious....


Not By Bread Alone

Speaker: | February 28, 2023

Not by Bread Alone Matthew 4:1-11 T Lent 1 INI             “Since God permits you to hunger and you still continue to live, you ought indeed grasp the thought that God nourishes you without bread...


Faith Follows the Christ

Speaker: | February 28, 2023

Faith Follows the Christ Luke 18:31-43 T Quinquagesima INI             Lent is here. Which means its time to die. It’s time for you to die to yourself – your cares, riches, pleasures, sinful desires. It’s...


Take Care of How You Hear

Speaker: | February 13, 2023

Take Care of How You Hear Sexagesima T Luke 8:4-15 INI             The Word of God is powerful. It’s active, sharper than any two-edged sword. God injects power into His Word to give growth to...


Eyes on the Master

Speaker: | February 06, 2023

Eyes on the Master Matthew 20:1-16 T Septuagesima INI           The parable from Matthew 20 indicates that there’s no distinction between what God gives His children on the Last Day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve...


Live By Faith

Speaker: | December 09, 2022

Live By Faith Matthew 11:2-11 T Advent 3 INI Nothing challenges faith more than when you think you’re doing the right thing, but then God doesn’t act how you’d expect Him to. And when God...